UTS threaded receptacles
Friday, Feb 01, 2013

UTS threaded receptacles are the latest addition to Souriau’s UTS connector series. They are designed particularly for industrial applications, such as junction boxes and even variable speed drives on induction motors, and fit in place of conventional cable glands.

Ninety percent of connections on induction motor relays are made via cable glands – fittings that secure and seal cables to junction boxes – instead of connectors. The new Souriau UTS threaded receptacles make installation and maintenance much easier. Whereas before it was necessary to open a junction box, make the necessary connections, close the box and fit a cable gland, now you just have to connect and disconnect the box.

UTS threaded receptacles are very quick to fit and require no special tools. Simply unscrew the cable gland and screw the threaded receptacle directly in its place. UTS threaded receptacles are available in five layouts and three sizes (10, 14 and 18) and can be used to carry signals, power or both. They are offered in three thread standards – M (metric), Pg (Panzergewinde) and NPT (National Pipe Thread) – for compatibility with any range or wiring standard in Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, UTS threaded receptacles are UL 1977 and UL 94-V0 (fire and smoke) approved, UV resistant and IP68/69K rated.

Source: Mepax SA

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