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  • In the last year we had 654,288 individual users visit our group of industry web-sites, creating over 1,660,910 page views.
  • The website news is read by users in over 150 different countries each month.
  • Readers include CEOs, MDs, Sales & Marketing personnel, Engineers, Senior Professionals and journalists who visit the sites.
  • Our sites have now published over 90,000 press articles and 50% of these also appear in our blogs.
  • Website users can Bookmark each article with the following social sites, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We are always interested in your news but the free service means there is no guarantee it will be used.

The Best Way forward

Using Social Media for press releases is the best way to release your news. We can help develop the focus for search engine optimisation and optimising your releases targeting business groups, sectors or companies.

3 best practice considerations:

  • Ensuring your press release is news worthy can always be a challenge, especially when you are trying to attract the attention of editors and bloggers. Is there something trending in your sector that can help prompt your company or products?
  • Headlines must be descriptive and limited to 80 characters or less. When editors have to change your headline they can seriously damage the message you are trying to achieve.
  • When sending your press releases don't send images or attachments. Have these on your website with links in the email to help drive traffic to your site. Make sure any images are of a high quality and your site has been well designed. First impressions count.

We have created 2 solutions: Reach and Reach Further.

  • Reach £1,500 per year - Your press articles will benefit from:
  • Being added to all the websites of relevance.
  • Indexed through the global search engines.
  • Featured in our relevant newsletters, ProjectsOGP, TCD Review and Your Industry News issued weekly to our subscribers.
  • Reach Further £2,500 per year with Reach:
  • Set up client blog on relevant blog sites, plan topics for each month and countries to target. This is to ensure products or services are targeted to specific areas.
  • Posted on the relevant social media channels (52, comprising of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, StumbleUpon and Reddit).
  • Used in our quarterly publications, ProjectsOGP, TCD Review and Your Industry News

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Simply go to the Contact Us page and either call or send an email with your request. Once payment has been received, we'll get straight to work.

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