New residual current breakers with overload save 50 percent space in electric distribution boards
Monday, Mar 12, 2018
The new 5SV1 RCBOs from Siemens for the first time combine residual current and overload protection in one modular width (MW). The compact devices protect people from dangerous electrical shots and at the same time prevent overcurrent damage to cables, along with the failure of electrical systems and loads in buildings, infrastructure and industry. In the event of a fault, they safely and reliably disconnect all circuits from the network. Compared to conventional devices, the 5SV1 RCBOs require only half the space. This enables more protection devices to be installed in a distributor and existing installations to be easily expanded with new protection functions in a space-saving solution. The protection devices can also be connected in a 5SM6 AFD unit block – thus offering personal, line and preventive fire protection in only two MWs.

New residual current breaker (RCBO) 5SV1

The 5SV1 RCBOs expand the residual current protective devices out of the Sentron portfolio from Siemens. All components are available in several types and versions. They each detect different types of residual current and are suitable for different areas of application. The 5SV1 RCBOs are available as Type AC and Type A. These versions trip in the event of sinusoidal AC residual currents, which can occur on almost all electrical loads. Type A RCBOs also detect pulsating DC residual currents. These can occur, for example, in residential and non-residential buildings having single-phase loads with electronic components in the power supply, e.g. in the case of electronic voltage reducers or dimmers.

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