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BacTech set to drill silver-tin-copper tailings at Telamayu
Thursday, Jul 07, 2016
BacTech Environmental Corporation ("BacTech" or the "Company"), (CSE:BAC)(OTC PINK:BCCEF)(WKN:A1H4TY) would like to provide an update on the status of the Telamayu project. The Company recently arranged for two people from a Montreal-based engineering company to visit the Telamayu mill site in Bolivia. The purpose of the trip was to undertake a due diligence review on behalf of the Company. Telamayu is the site of BacTech's proposed tailings reclamation project.

The following benefits were identified by the engineers:

  • Availability of ample space in the existing plant
  • Water in sufficient quantity
  • Good power costs and availability ($0.04-0.05/kWh)
  • New tailings site to be built at a small distance from the existing mill
  • Qualified manpower available locally
  • Space for offices and housing is available
The engineers made the following recommendations for the project:

  • Sonic Vibracore drilling of 5 holes twinning COMIBOL test pits dug in 2004
  • Subsequent coring, sampling and analysis of the tailings (500 meter program), confirming the concentrations of tin and gold, in addition to silver and copper
  • Preparation of a 400 kg sample for new metallurgical test work
  • Completing an NI 43-101 resource estimation, report and recommendations
Special attention will be given to the tin content of the tailings. Additional sampling and analysis will determine whether the high tin concentrations generated by COMIBOL in 2004 exploration wells are, in fact, correct, in which case the tin values would rival the silver values and greatly enhance the economics of the project.

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BacTech Environmental Corporation holds the perpetual, exclusive, royalty-free rights to use the patented BACOX bioleaching technology for the reclamation of tailings and mining waste materials. The Company's principle focus is a high-grade silver/copper tailings project called Telamayu, located in Atocha, Bolivia, in association with COMIBOL, the state mining group. The Company signed an MOU with Duran Ventures Inc. to explore the viability of building a BACOX plant in Peru to treat high-grade gold/arsenic ores. Investigation has begun to identify similar opportunities in Ecuador. The Company continues to field enquiries globally with respect to additional opportunities for remediation, including licensing transactions for the technology.

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